Qualifications Tutor

I have worked in a variety of dental specialities including, endodontic, oral surgery, orthodontics, veterinary dentistry and sedation over the last 25 years. I really enjoyed my job as a nurse and this instinctively lead me to a teaching career that now spans 15 years. I now provide all healthcare learning’s nursing students with their primary qualifications, post graduate qualifications and CPD via webinars, workshops and e-learning content.

I really love music and over the years this has fostered a new passion for hi fidelity sound. I have worked hard to collect a superb hi-fi set-up that includes rare turn tables and valve amps which I love for their rich, warm and immersive sound. I am also an avid comic reader and collector of vinyl art, some of my favourites are by American artist Ewok and Sam and Twitch from Spawn.

Interesting fact:

I didn’t watch television from 1998-2015 go figure, why did I start again???

Favourite quote:

“Do or do not do, there is no try!” – Yoda

Lifelong goal/aim:

My Lifelong ambition is to write a Rotoscope animated book about … watch this space

Proudest moment:

I was once interviewed in the early naughties by Zig and Zag, I was working in Dublin Zoo on a Tiger and out of nowhere appeared the jovial and brightly coloured duo, a highlight in anyone’s life surely 🙂