Learning Designer

With a keen interest in education & learning technologies and a passion for writing I joined the company as a Healthcare Learning Designer. This exciting role allows me to draw upon my broad science knowledge gained from my pharmacy degree at UCL. On a day-to-day basis I help to transform key science concepts into innovative and engaging learning programmes for healthcare professionals.

In short: I think, write & create!

Outside of work I enjoy breaking out in a sweat at a box-circuit class, adoring the countryside, exploring new places and cultures, dining out, experimenting with new food recipes, and snuggling up to watch a nature documentary or superhero movie.

Interesting fact:

Fact no. 1: I was bitten on the bum by pet dog when I was 3. I haven’t owned a pet since.

Fact no. 2: I once tore my ear very badly during a childhood chase and had to be stitched back in place.

Fact no. 3: Pandas make me happy.

What would you do with a million pounds?

Invest, donate, build a luxury tree house in Costa Rica, travel the world, the list is endless.